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Welcome to the web site for Sunoba Pty Ltd.


This web site contains details of two concepts for solar thermal power generation.




BRRIMS, our current focus, denotes solar power generation that is









The goal is to produce dispatchable power through a new integration of Brayton-cycle engines, solar thermal heat collection and pebble bed thermal storage. The engines will be piston-cylinder, re-heated and recuperated. Utility-scale installations can be built up in modular fashion from a basic power unit anticipated to be approximately 100 kW.


BRRIMS flow-sheet

Further details




Our previous focus was on the evaporation engine, a new concept to generate power through evaporative cooling of hot air at reduced pressure.


The thermodynamic cycle for the evaporation engine involves


hot dry air + water → power + cooled moist air


This cycle was confirmed in an experimental evaporation engine that was tested successfully in mid 2008. The evaporation engine can be built in either continuous-flow or piston-cylinder form.


A related technology is the condensation heat pump[2], which is based on condensation of water vapour in air at reduced pressure and has the opposite thermodynamic cycle to the evaporation engine.


[1] Patent pending.

[2] Australian patent 2007240126.

Media Releases


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Life-Cycle Assessment for BRRIMS Solar Power

(2013-07-16, 334 kB, PDF)

Embodied Energy in Batteries and other Storage Devices for Solar Power

(2013-04-23, 942 kB, PDF)

BRRIMS: Solar Thermal Power Generation

(2013-01-31, 1.03 MB PDF)

Passive Solar Power Generation with Air-blown Thermal Storage

(2012-12-06, 1.2 MB, PDF)

Thermal Storage Simulations

(708 kB, PDF)



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